Mentorship program

IDA 2024 will include a mentorship program. Students participating in the PhD track will be paired with experienced researchers (e.g. IDA Senior Program Committee members) and meetings will be arranged during the conference to allow discussion between the students and mentors.

Submissions for the PhD forum

Submissions for the PhD forum should be sent to the PhD forum chair until March 10, 2024 (New deadline!). Students will be notified of the acceptance decision shortly after submission, without waiting for the submission period to end.

The IDA symposium particularly welcomes contributions by graduate students. In order to support this objective, the symposium will have a dedicated forum for PhD student research and it offers reduced registration rates to all students.

If you are a PhD student and would like to present your research at the symposium, please prepare a two-page paper containing the names and affiliations of all authors (the PhD student, as well as his/her supervisor(s), advisor(s) and/or main collaborators). The paper may include the following contents:

  • The problem, with an argument of why it is important,
  • The goal and the research questions,
  • The planned approach and methods for solving the problem,
  • An outline of what is already known about the research problem,
  • The expected results from the research work like overviews, algorithms, better understanding of a concept, a pilot, model or system,

In case your submission is accepted for presentation you will be required to make a poster as follows:

  • Poster: Posters should be in A0 (portrait) or A1 (portrait or landscape) format. The PDF of your poster must be available online one week prior to the conference.

Besides the poster, the participants are welcome to prepare additional materials such as videos or demos.

Where relevant, and within the extent possible, we will strive to make tables available during the PhD forum which you can use to run the demo/video on your laptop.

Please send your submission to our submission system (Microsoft CMT) until March 10, 2024. Please make sure that you choose the right track (PhD Forum), not the regular track or the industrial challenge. The submission form will open after the deadline of the regular track. Please contact our PhD forum chair (Luis Galarraga, should you have any questions!

Accepted papers can be found here.