IDA will take place in the Nod building, which are part of the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences of Stockholm University. The NOD building is located in an area north of central Stockholm called Kista. Kista is Sweden’s largest IT-centric industrial district, where many IT-related companies and educational institutions are located. The symposium will start at 9:00 on April 24, 2024 and end at 17:00 on April 26, 2024.

Borgarfjordsfgatan 12
164 55 Kista, Sweden



Stockholm has a lot of hotels both in the city center and in Kista where the venue is located. Several hotels are in walking distance from the conference venue. Here are some recommendations in the Kista area.

Prices range might be between €90-130 per night.

Travel Information

To Stockholm

Flights: Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, which has two main airports (Arlanda/Bromma). Most international flights may use the Arlanda airport. Most European cities have direct flight options to the Arlanda airport.

Train: It is also possible to travel to Stockholm by train from two German cities (Berlin/Hamburg). It takes 17 hours from Berlin, costing €200 for a round trip, and 14 hours from Hamburg, costing €130 for a round trip. Please check more information on the train service website.

From the Arlanda airport to the venue (Kista)/city center

Airport coach: The NOD building is located in an area north of central Stockholm called Kista. Kista is very convenient to access from the Stockholm Arlanda airport. An hourly airport coach will take you to the Kista metro station in less than 30 minutes, and from there you can walk to the NOD building where the conference is held in less than 10 minutes. Coaches are also available to the city center which takes 50 minutes. The airport coach costs €11-12.

Express train: Arlanda Express offers a rapid train service which takes 20 minutes to the Stockholm main station.

Taxi: Stockholm has a fixed price for a taxi ride from the airport to the city center, which costs approximately €50 to the conference venue and €60-70 depending on the area in Stockholm. Be careful to choose the right taxi, which usually has a queue at the airport. It is also recommended to book in advance. Private taxis may have a higher price.

From city center to the venue (Kista)

Metro: If you stay in the city center, you can travel to Kista with the blue metro line number 11 direction Akalla. The estimated travel time from T-Centralen (Stockholm main station) to the Kista metro station is 20 minutes. Walk out through the north ticket hall, in train direction if you arrive from Stockholm City and turn right after the escalator. Pass straight forward through Kista Galleria, pass over the footbridge, keep left, pass the Forum Building, pass over the footbridge, and turn right to the NOD Building.

Please also refer to the information on the Stockholm University website.