Opening Reception

The opening reception will take place in Stockholm City Hall, one of Stockholm’s most iconic bulidings. The building was built between 1911–1923 and was designed by architect Ragnar Östberg. The city hall is located in the city center, roughly 15 minutes far from the venue by metro. This is also the place where the Nobel Prize banquet takes place each year. More information about the city hall can be found here.

Banquet Dinner

The banquet dinner will be at Villa Godthem. Villa Godthem is a unique wholesaler villa and former private residence that was completed in 1874. It was built as a gift by devoted admirers to renowned opera singer Carl Johan Uddman. Villa Godthem is located on idyllic Djurgården, a tranquil island known for museums such as Vasa and Skansen, yet close to Stockholm city.

Farewell Drinks (Tentative)

Kvarnen in Slussen